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About Vieo Solutions

Transform the way you engage

At Vieo Solutions, we combine a mastery of information technology and business processes to create sophisticated, cloud-based solutions. Founded in 2006, Vieo centers its solutions on Salesforce, helping companies unlock the power of the world’s No. 1 approach to customer relationship management (CRM).

As a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner, we offer expert consulting services to help your business get the full benefit of cloud technology. Our certified Salesforce experts will transform the way you engage with customers, employees, partners and suppliers. And we’ll enhance productivity and increase profits along the way.

Best practices. Proven Methodology. Expert consulting. That’s Vieo Solutions.

Meet Our CEO

Vinay Holsambre 2013 2Vinay Holsambre has built a business around his passion for providing innovative CRM solutions. With more than 20 years experience in information technology and business processes, Vinay continually evolves Vieo’s approach to align with industry best practices.

Prior to creating Vieo, Vinay served as an information technology solution architect for Oracle/PeopleSoft for seven years. In that role, he worked with numerous organizations, including AT&T, Sears, Polycom, American Health Insurance, Waste Management, Battelle, Norwood Promotional Products, and Cabellas. Vinay was instrumental in introducing Oracle’s PeopleSoft CRM to the world market, implementing the CRM solution for its first client, Polycom. Following this introduction at Polycom, Vinay was part of the group responsible for deploying PeopleSoft CRM to clients across the country.

Building on his expertise in Oracle’s PeopleSoft solutions, Vinay has enhanced Vieo’s portfolio of offerings by building a team of consultants certified in Salesforce.

vistageVinay is a member of Technology Association of Georgia and Vistage, an international network of CEOs and business owners.