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Case Timer App

Do you want to maximize your call center performance by automatically logging time spent on working the cases and do analysis to improve your customer experience? Then contact us to leverage our Case Timer App to meet your business needs.

Our Case Timer App will give you clear insight into every call’s performance in terms of starting time, closing time and time spent. It creates service time card automatically with ability to log time manually when needed.

Success Story:

We built a Case timer app for AVOXI, to enhance their call center performance.

  • The case timer has ability to start, stop and pause time logging.
  • It generates an automatic service time card that captures the start and end time while the case is being worked on. Also, there is a provision to create a manual time card.
  • The call time analytics can be used to understand the time spent on various types of cases to identify areas of improvement in service process to provide fast and effective customer experience.

If you are looking for improving time logging on cases to improve call center efficiency, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Case Timer App