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Marketing Survey App

Are you looking for a targeted marketing tool to gather product/services specific feedback? If yes, we have a solution for you.

Vieo Marketing Survey App has built in ‘Question Skipping and Sequencing’ logic to present right questions to prospects based on their answer to previous question to know their interest in your product and services. This technique can be used for gathering product/services specific feedback from your prospects for targeted marketing.

Success story:

We built a marketing survey app for Sierra that is helping them better understand the prospect’s requirements, here how it works:

  • The survey app is used for gathering feedback related to their services from contact and leads
  • The survey responses are mapped into Salesforce on respective Lead and Contact records
  • The survey responses are analyzed to know the exact requirements of the prospects using salesforce reports and dashboards.
  • The survey page is configured for customizing Q&A, Question rules and company branding like logo, survey title and landing page etc.,
  • Creating new surveys is easy using Salesforce native functionality. The survey link can be sent via email from any marketing automation tool.

Are you looking for similar target marketing survey tool? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Marketing Survey App