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The company provides virtual call-center solutions and international toll-free numbers.

Solutions/Services Provided:

Salesforce Health Checkup:
Vieo conducted an audit of AVOXI’s Salesforce instance and provided a comprehensive report with recommendations. We found various areas where Salesforce could be used at its best and we suggested simple ways to get the most out of their Self- Service portal where customer’s can manage their services and cases by themselves, which enhanced faster problem solving for the customer and in turns brings productivity for AVOXI.

Vieo created a new customer portal that would give each of AVOXI’s customers a 360-degree view of the services they are already using, enabling them to manage their support cases as well as the assets they purchased. This streamlined AVOXI’s customer care significantly.

In addition, Vieo helped AVOXI improve its use of Salesforce to manage opportunities, contracts and forecasting.  AVOXI’s products were restructured to help them analyze and reconfigure rate plans to take advantage of opportunities in different markets.

Custom Development:
Developed custom Telephone Number Management System to manage inventory and provisioning.

Business Process Automation:
Vieo helped AVOXI, improve the turnaround time taken for provisioning the telephone numbers once purchased by customer. It required implementing validation rules, data quality checks, approval processes, auto creation of transactions, integration etc.

Integrated Salesforce with back end billing system to sync customer and invoice information to generate key revenue metrics

Custom Apps:
Built Case Timer App to automate time logging on cases and to give clear insight into every call’s performance in terms of starting time, closing time and time spent. It creates service time card automatically with ability to log time manually when needed. See more details


  • Salesforce work more effectively and profitably for AVOXI
  • Automated monthly revenue metrics provides insight on key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Eliminated time spent on case time logging
  • Efficient management of telephone numbers inventory.
  • Reduced turnaround time for provisioning telephone numbers


The company helps businesses solve environmental engineering problems for its customers, thus limiting liability and protecting valuable brands.

Solutions/Services Provided:

Quick Start Program:

  • Reviewed Sierra’s business processes, created cloud strategy and switch it from a legacy CRM tool to Salesforce for handling its sales and marketing activities.
  • Implemented the Sales cloud using proven implementation methodology.  This resulted in early success and higher user adoption.
  • Legacy CRM data was converted into Salesforce.
  • They were up and running on Salesforce in 3 weeks!


  • Implemented and integrated Pardot Marketing Automation tool to handle mass email marketing activity, measure performance results and score leads.
  • Implemented com to harvest more leads.


  • Integrated Salesforce with Microsoft’s Outlook to sync every customer email, meeting, contact, and task to Salesforce.
  • Integrated Salesforce with a legacy system using Informatica, a tool that keeps data in sync between Salesforce and the legacy system.

Custom Apps:

Marketing Survey App:
This app helps them better understand prospect’s requirements for targeted marketing. See more details

Appointment Scheduler App:
App helped them generate more sales. See more details


  • Streamlined sales process resulting into increased sales.
  • Acquired industry/region specific leads using
  • Increased lead conversion rate with effective email marketing and lead nurturing
  • Gained revenue insight in Salesforce from billing system