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Cloud Technology Strategy

Cloud technology levels the playing ground for small and mid-sized businesses, offering your business the same resources as larger enterprises. With the right strategy, you’ll spend less time and money on IT and more time focused on building your business.

There is much to gain from cloud-computing technologies: Access to reliable and scalable infrastructure resources such as computing and storage; configurable platforms that allow for integration between your business, suppliers and customers; and rich application functionalities that can be paid for on an ongoing basis.

Vieo can help you maximize your investment in resources such as Salesforce, the world’s No. 1 approach to customer relationship management. We’ll create a strategy for your business that not only streamlines operations, but transforms the way you engage with employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.

Innovative companies are using cloud solutions as part of a business strategy to deepen customer, partner, and supplier relationships, increase employee collaboration, and identify new growth areas. Vieo can help you do all this, and more.

We’ll help you identify where the cloud can have the greatest impact on your business, and then we’ll help you set up systems to leverage this knowledge. Our approach is based on our own work experience and best practices, all aligned to make create a cloud roadmap that spans all aspects of your business.

Maybe you’ve used Salesforce for a while, but aren’t seeing the results you expected. You may even be questioning the value of Salesforce. You’re not alone. We can help you experience the full benefits of Salesforce companywide, providing the information and training each department needs to address challenges and get results.

At Vieo, we’ll help you leverage the power of Salesforce.