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Social Collaboration

Salesforce has grown from a simple relational database to one that includes a state-of-the-art real-time collaboration platform, Chatter Plus. At Vieo, we push the power of Chatter Plus through your company to your customers and partners.

We’ll help you create enterprise social network for your company that can:

  • Connect employees to improve efficiency across organizational boundaries; collaborate on sales opportunities; service cases, campaigns and projects; simplify workflow; and capture new ideas.
  • Find the information and experts you need. Chatter Plus recommends relevant people, files, and information for every deal, service case, and more. It also can share competitive and market developments across your company.
  • Monitor the latest developments at your office. Close cases, update opportunities, and act on critical account information wherever you are to make the most of every moment.

Keep up with your critical projects, topics, and teams. Capture organizational knowledge in a single location to allow teams to work together on sales opportunities, servicing cases, and marketing campaigns.